About Us

About Us:- Friends, I have created Medhasoft website because in this you will be given information about all the scholarships available in Bihar, like if you make any mistake while filling the scholarship, then you do not get the scholarship, that is why I have created it.

We have created a website named Meetha Soft so that we can give you the best information about all the scholarships in Bihar and if you do any online then we can help you in that which mistakes you should not make. So that you do not face any problem in getting your scholarship because I have seen many students make some mistakes while filling the scholarship due to which they do not get the scholarship which they are supposed to get, so I thought that if I give some tips on this.

So that the children who are deprived of scholarship, those who do not get scholarship can also get scholarship and we will help in whatever way we can, so this website has been created for this only for education purpose and you people The best information will be given from here.